Total Image Converter v1.5.0.99 plus serial

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Fungsi tool ini adalah mengkonversi gambar ke format lain, mengubah ukuran dan membalik gambar dan gambar. Total Image conventer akan melakukan apapun yang Anda inginkan,Anda dapat mengkonversi gambar besar TIFF ke JPEG kecil, menyesuaikan gambar agar sesuai dengan halaman web atau mengkonversi foto RAW dalam format sesuai dengan kebutuhan anda.

Full list of formats
Total Image Converter supports almost all image formats. This is not a png or gif converter converter. This is a program that works with all formats at once. You do not need to spend time and look for 10 different converters for different formats. In addition, it is the only converter that deals with non-standard WMF file.

Conversion of files
If you need to convert hundreds of images you can use the option to convert groups of files. Simply select the files you want to convert, or nazhmte the "Select All" to save time. Get any amount converted or modified in the amount of images with just one mouse click!

3 ways to convert images
First, the program will have a convenient user interface. Second, Total Image Converter is integrated into Windows. This means that you can select a file on your desktop and right click. Appears "Convert" in the popup window. Perhaps tekzhe program's use of the command line. Run Total Image Converter from the command line through other programs.

Built-in file viewer and a full representation of the image as a thumbnail
Total Image Converter has an intuitive user interface for working with images. You can easily view images by using the before and after converting the file. You can work as a detailed list of the files (name, size, type, corrections, attributes) or with their thumbnails.

Changing the size and position, crop
With Total Image Converter you can Isen image size, rotate or crop it. All this can be done during the file conversion by Total Image Converter! Note that when you turn the multi-page TIFF file, the final document will also be multi-page.

Yes, Total Image Converter allows you to add watermarks to images! You can add a comment, date or logo to a photo or a group of photos.

You do not need any special knowledge
Even if you've never dealt with image converters, you will learn how to use the program in seconds. The program itself will ask the necessary questions that relate to the parameters of the files, and if you do not know what to do, ask you nailushchie settings for each conversion.

- Supports TIFF, JPEG, RAW, PNG, BMP, PSD, TGA and many other formats
- A convenience function to resize the image to reduce image
- Crop the image as you need it
- Convert groups of images
- Watermark: add your comment, logo, or the date
- Convert the image from the desktop or from the command line

Link Download : Mediafire
size : 6 MB

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